Alan Wells – Writer

Current Projects:

Fathom 55Novella, series. Fishermen begin pulling strange creatures from a government controlled lake.

Galactic BeerNovel, series. The crew of an intergalactic brewing ship crash into another dimension populated with knights, wizards and really bad bards.

Last ConWeb Series – A group of cosplayers try to save a magical convention that gives you the powers of your cosplay.

Older Projects:

LegyndNovel, series. Set in the not too distant future, vampires, werewolves and other mythical creatures cope with modern humans and their invasive technology.

ZombiemanWeb Series – A zombie tries to hang on to his humanity.

The Lost Kingdom Novel – A special forces team attempts to rescue a scientist who has uncovered the origins of humanity deep in the Amazon jungle.

Second Sight – Novel – A man discovers he can ask questions of his future self.

Guarding EdenShort Story and Novel – Something is wrong on an enormous colony ship carrying the last remnants of humanity. The only two people awake, the custodians, discover the horrifying truth and disagree over how to proceed.

Earth Fried EmuNovella – Earth is discovered by aliens, who quickly turn it into the galactic goto place for good eats.