Day 89

So I was asleep, but kind of dreaming.  In this dream, I could see myself sleeping in my room.  It was late.  The streetlight outside my window the only light in the room.
Then, a shadow walks past my window outside.  Then another.  Then a whole mob of shadows.
My sleeping body awakens, stiff, robotlike.  I get up and walk outside.  There is a horde of zombies shamabling along. I instinctivly follow them, but as I get one of the zombies in back turns on me and tried to eat me.  I slap him upside the head and yell “I’m one of you, bitch!”
He pauses and smells me.  Grunts and turns back to the group.
I keep following as they wander down back streets and alleys toward downtown.  They seem to be avoiding the road.  It’s a big group, probably 30 or 40 zombies.
And then I hear screams and the zombies in the back pick up their shuffle.
More screams.   I try to run up ahead and see if I can help, but I can’t run.  I just amble along, doing the zombie shuffle.  The screams die down.  I hear some begging and shouting.  Screeching tires. I finally catch up and the horde is all over  a parking lot. A parking lot full of teenagers, or what’s left of them.   A minivan screeches out of the parking lot, I catch a glimpse of a girl with blood on her face who’s out of her mind with terror.  Her boyfriend is in the back seat, the sliding door is still open.  I can’t tell what race he is because his face is covered in blood.
The zombies are all over the teenagers who didn’t make it, but over behind a small truck I see legs sticking out.  I amble over to see if I can help and it’s a beautiful girl, she’s just laying there propted up against the tire of the truck.  She doesn’t appear harmed but for some reason I know she’s dead.
Not sure what she was doing but she’s got this cornicopia of fruits and vegatables in her lap.
When I say cornicopia, I don’t mean that figuratively.  She’s got a real cornicopia like motherfucking pilgrims had.  I’m trying to figure out what she’s doing with it, maybe shw was in a play, or something.  SHe’s not dressed in a costume, I don’t know it’s just weird.  I get closer to her, I’m not gonna let any of the zombies defile her body and the smell of those plums and grapes is just overwhelming.  I haven’t eaten for a couple of days because of the naseua and fuck it, she’s not going to be eating them, so I dig in and let me tell you.  That was some of the finest food I had ever tasted.  Corn on the cobb that still had melted butter.  How?  I don’t know.  But it tasted perfect.  Link sausgaes still warm and greasy.  Where was she going, this beauty?  I pull out the biggest, juiciest plum I’ve ever seen.  It’s almost overripe and when I bite into it, the juice just explodes, I have to do that thing where you have to stand up and hold your mouth out away from your body so the juice doesn’t get on your clothes.  It was that juicy and Jesus, it was delicious.
I’m standing there feeling really good for the first time in a long while, I got plum juice on my fingers, on my chin – it’s in my beard, but I don’t care, the motherfucker is good.  Then I hear a scream, and for the first time all night, I’m not outside my body.  I’m still in the parking lot, standing over the dead girl, but there’s another girl in the truck and she is staring at me with the biggest eyes you ever seen and her scream is one of those spine peircing yells that has gotten the attention of all the other zombies in the parking lot.
I stick my hand out to tell her to shhhh and I realize it’s not a plum in my hand.  It’s some type of organ.  A human organ, I think it’s a heart.  Blood is running down my arm and dripping from my elbow.  I look at the dead girl.  She wasn’t carrying a cornicopia – that was her exposed ribcage.  Organs, intestines and blood are all over the place.
The girl stumbles out and falls to the ground as the horde converges on her.  I know I should try to help her, but I’m about to throw up, the nausea is overwhelming.  I bend over to hurl.  I hear the girl, still screaming and crying get up and try to run away.
I can’t puke.  I try real hard.  Not working.  I’m like “Fuck you stomach, you are not keeping that down there” and I jam my finger down my throat.  I can’t do it.  I fall to my knees is despair and disgust.
I hear the girl and look over as she’s surrounded and goes down.  I try to scream but all I can do is moan heavily
I wake up, in my bed.  For a moment I am relieved that it was a dream, but there is blood all over my clothes, all over my bed.  It’s on my shoes.

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